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Wagan Tech 7403 4-Amp Intelligent Battery Charger

Wagan Tech 7403 4-Amp Intelligent Battery Charger
Wagan Tech 7403 4-Amp Intelligent Battery Charger
- 9-stage charging--primary evaluation, recovery charge, soft start action, pulse cycle, reconditioning cycle, bulk charging, absorption charging, evaluation diagnostic, and trickle maintenance - Fully automatic - Reverse polarity, overcharge, short circuit, and overheat protection - For all 6-volt 1 amp and 12-volt 1amp or 4 amp batteries (including LiFePo4) - Compact size - BC & CE certified;
Vendor Specifications
Vendor SKU WGN7403
Vendor Category Automotive, Marine & GPS > Automotive Power Management > Batteries, Chargers & Accessories > Chargers
Vendor Item Name Wagan Tech 7403 4-Amp Intelligent Battery Charger
Vendor Country of Origin CHINA
Vendor UPC 084367074034
Vendor Warranty ONE YEAR
Vendor Internal
Short Description The Wagan Tech 4 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger is light weight and compact. Its digital display is powered by selectable mode intelligent microprocessor with 9 stage fully automatic charging and battery reconditioning. The intelligent battery charge can charge both 6 volt at 1 amp and 12-volt at both 1 amp and 4 amp AGM, GEL, flooded and lithium vehicle starter batteries. The battery charger has short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharger and overheat protection built-in. .This Intelligent Battery Charger is ideal for maintaining and restoring your battery especially when it will not be used for an extended time. Such applications include ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, watercraft, trailers, RVs, ride-on lawnmowers, tractors, classic cars, auxiliary batteries, back-up power supply, solar battery, and more!

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  • Model: WGN7403
  • Dimensions: 11.40in x 5.50in x 2.00in
  • SKU: MM920PEAWGN7403
  • ID: 79061
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