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Remote Control Toys Toys

Remote Control Toys
- 3 onboard LEDs for simplified programming & diagnostics;- Preloaded firmware for maximum compatibility;- Harness part bag;- Two 2-way datalink ports for data-to-data (RS-232) communication with compatible external devices such as smartphones & GPS telematic units;- All EVO-ALL I/O for full-fledged..
Brand: AVITAL(R) Model: DEI7352L
ユ 2-way LCD replacement remote for Avital(R) 5303L remote start with security system;..
Brand: MY ARCADE(R) Model: DRMDGUN2959
- 220 retro video games built directly into controller - Connects directly to TV - For use at home or in car with TV/video monitor - Powered by built-in USB or requires 3 AA batteries;..
Brand: GE(R) Model: JAS34456
- Controls TV, Blu-Ray(TM) player, DVD, DVR, cable, satellite, streaming media players & many more devices;- Comprehensive code library works with all major brands;- Instruction manual & code library list for easy setup;- Requires 2 AAA batteries;- Black;..
Brand: PAC(R) Model: PACLP72R
- Built-in remote turn-on circuit;- Accepts both high-level & low-level input;- Single stereo gain controls;- Ultra-compact housings achieved by recessing transformers into circuit board;- High power--conservatively rated @ 55W per channel;- Freq resp: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-1.5dB);- Single harness design;-..
Brand: PAC(R) Model: PACRP42HY11
- All-in-one radio replacement & steering wheel control interface;- Preloaded with amp-retention & navigation-based output signals;- Retains all important OEM safety & convenience features;- Data-controlled RAP accessory output;- Data-controlled outputs for connection to navigation radio & speed, re..
Brand: RCA Model: RCARCU300T
- Controls up to 3 devices including TV, satellite/cable & VCR/DVD ;- Partially backlit;- VCR functions;- Number keys;- Mute key;- Dim: 7.43"H x 2.34"W x 10.6"D;- Includes 2 AAA batteries;- Limited lifetime warranty;..
Brand: NAXA(R) Model: NAXNAA351
- Motorized outdoor antenna for HDTV & ATSC digital television - Rotates 350deg to optimize reception of any station - Remote control allows rotating antenna from inside the house - Large size improves reception, picture & sound quality while maintaining a slim & modern profile - Freq range..
- Starts killing within 24 hours;- Ideal for outdoor or indoor use;- Targets the queen & then the colony;- Child-resistant ;- Includes 4 food attractants;..
Brand: OPTIMUS Model: OPSF7585WH
- 3-speed energy-saving, whisper-quiet operation motor - Bluetooth(R) feature with high-quality speaker - LED indicator light and temperature display - Up to 12-hour timer - Wide air coverage provided by 75? oscillation - Switchable nightlight - Space-saving, high-performance air circul..
Brand: PYLE PRO(R) Model: PYLPDWM2115
- VHF narrow band receiver - Dual frequency design (Channel A/B) - High signal/noise ratio performance - Broad frequency response range & low distortion - Independent adjustable volume control - Volume control indicators & status signals - Audio outputs - Dual independent channel ante..
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