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Hammers Tools

Brand: METRA(R) Model: MECC865618
- Ford(R) radio removal keys;- 86-5618/AW-FDRT/CF-FDRT/CK-FDRT;..
Brand: STANLEY(R) Model: STY51505
- Jacketed graphite core adds strength & durability in the handle while providing a wood-like touch ;- High-carbon polished steel head is precision balanced ;- Rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling ;- Ribbed grip allows air to cool hand & channels sweat away ;- Patented head-to-handl..
Brand: STANLEY(R) Model: STY51616
- High-carbon steel head ;- Fully heat-treated & polished bell face ;- Hickory handle;- 13.25"L;- 16oz;..
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