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Power Strips & Surge Suppressors Power

Power Strips & Surge Suppressors
Brand: ACCELL(R) Model: ACELD080B047F
- Compact, cube-shaped power station - Can be separated into a standalone surge protector and a USB wall tap - Surge protector part has 540 Joules of surge protection on 3 AC outlets and 2 USB-A charging ports; 2.4 amps/12 watts - USB wall tap has 4 USB-A charging ports; 4.8 amps/24 watts ..
Brand: ACCELL(R) Model: ACELD080B048B
- Round, flat design ideal for desk or conference room table - 6 adapter-friendly outlets with 1080 Joules of surge protection - 2 USB charging ports (5 volts, 2.4 amps shared) - On/off power button - Green LED power indicator - Blue LED surge protection indicator - 15 amp resettable ci..
Brand: APC(R) Model: APNG5BLK
- 9 outlets--8 on rear, 1 on front;- 3,400 Joules;- 15A;- 3 outlets continually stay on;- 1U rack design;- LCD display;- Isolated RFI/EMI noise filter banks;- Rack or shelf mounted;- Includes rack-mount hardware;- UL listed;- 8ft cord;- Dim: 1.71"H x 17.13"W x 9.45"D;- Lifetime product warranty;- $4..
ANTOP Antenna Inc. AT-601B Smartpass Amp With 4G LTE Filter & Power Supply Kit (Black) This antop® antenna inc. smartpass amp with 4g lte filter & power supply kit (black) is a high quality antenna accessories item from our home theater & custom install , tv, projector & home theater accessories , a..
Brand: APC(R) Model: APNP12U2
- 12 surge-protected outlets defend electronics against dangerous surges, spikes & lightning, 4 of which are transformer-block friendly - 4,320 Joules rating, ensuring higher protection level - 2 USB charging ports (2.4A) with Smart Charging that recognizes devices to maximize charging speeds -..
Brand: APC(R) Model: APNPE63
- 6 outlets - 540 Joules - Safeguards against lightning, surges & spikes - Reliable thermal fusing ensures safe operation under all conditions - Multistage suppression circuitry - Noise filter reduces EMI & RFI line noise that can cause data errors & keyboard lockups - Surge-protection ..
Brand: APC(R) Model: APNPH12U2W
- 12 surge-protected outlets defend valuable electronics from dangerous surges, spikes, and lightning; 2 of the outlets are spaced to accept bulky transformer adapters;- 2,160 Joules of surge protection;- 2 USB Type-A ports provide 5 volts, 2.4 amps (shared) of convenient charging power for mobile d..
- 450A instant/900A peak jump starter;- 500W power inverter;- 120psi air compressor;- 12V & USB outlets;- Dual 120V 500W AC power outlets;- LED area light;- Internal charging cube;- Low-profile design;..
Brand: BILLBOARD(R) Model: BB2500
- 5,000 mAh battery power bank ;- Built-in cables;- Slim, lightweight design;- Includes carabiner;- Black;..
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